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A Hive With a View

Posted on July 30th, 2012

I was armored with a full-body white beekeeper’s suit but I was still nervous as the bees pelted the back of my head, clearly annoyed I had invaded their space. And who wouldn’t be? I was encroaching on their private pad, their outside terrace perched on top of the city of San Francisco. Jardiniere Restaurant, one of the city’s finest culinary establishments, is home to thousands of bees that live on top of the two-story brownstone on Hayes Street. The hives have only been there since May, but the bees are already producing honey thanks to the abundant food sources at the nearby Hayes Valley Farm. Terry Oxford, owner of UrbanBeeSF, manages these hives, and several other bee communities, or apiaries, located on top…

The 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge

Posted on May 26th, 2012

The Golden Gate Bridge represents a multitude of experiences and emotions. For some, it’s a sign of homecoming, to others, it’s an escape. For thousands, it’s part of a daily commute. But to everyone, it is an icon which that celebrates its 75th anniversary on May 27. The bridge was completed in an exceptionally fast four years, with cutting edge calculation devices that included an abacus and a slide rule. Connecting San Francisco and Marin counties, the Golden Gate Bridge has withstood countless earthquakes, the daily strain of thousands of cars, and perhaps most perilously, nearly 800,000 people on its deck during the last anniversary celebration 25 years ago. More than 3,000 miles away in Roebling, New Jersey, the company that made the thick…